March 12, 2010

My project

What suppose my final research project title? which area should i go ? What are the thing should i research and do experiment?
Aduih...these question is in my mind everyday.I try to look around , thought i can have an idea on it but still no answer:
Any Idea?? I like mobile network but still can accept others topic such as Sensor network, Wireless network, Ad-Hoc network or even wired network. But the problem is, what are the thing i want to research in ; latency? delay? throughput?efficiency?miss rate? congestion? traffic? or maybe the packet travel algorithm? But..all this have been done by researcher out there. What left for me?
For those who have any idea ..plz share with me..really looking for some fresh and new idea..Thanks..Adiozzz


dnasura said...


puan, ingat sy lagi tak? dayang bacth hnd 2003 yg same kelas ngan anuar halim. puan tgh sambung study ke?

Zliena said...

eh..saya rasa sy ingat how r u now?still study or working ?
Yup rite now sy tgh continue study..saja je isi masa lapang dan tambah pengetahuan...that meke me become overload rite now..heheeh

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