March 5, 2010

Qistina again..

Qistina now is almost 5 month..times went so fast..without i realize it..

now she's in the process of learning how to crawl..pushing her body front and back where sometimes hurting herself, then cry..
Here i like to compare a few thing on my kids habit while they were baby

When she was a baby ,she really sensitive to noise/sound. Especially while she sleep..
my mom said "Telinga tikus" everybody will feel tension if balqis sleep..even the foot step can awake her from sleep then she will cry..and cry..and cry's really challenging ,need strong mentality and full of passion in growing her..The best thing about balqis is untill today she still with her "teddy bear busuk" which almost nothing inside the bear ..

Danial like to wake up in the middle of the night and watch cartoon (barney). He will wake up normally on 2 a.m and keep making sound ( not crying but maybe talking).The person in charge to accompany him watching cartoon is his father lah...No wonder till today he really talkative and curious person...and hopefully he can be a Lawyer one day..

Qistina: Sucking thumb finger is her habit. Else? still didn't show far she kind of sleep well baby, not too much problem with her..hopefully it will like this for so on..




-N e Y r A- said...

5 month? cepatnya masa..

Zliena said...

mcm itu la neyra...times went so fast.
Biar masa mengejar kita ,jgn kita mengejar masa..tapi mcm mn ye???

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