December 9, 2010

Percutian 1:Genting Highland

On 26-28 Nov.We had our first vacation during this year-end school holiday .Disebabkan ianya tidak dirancang sgt akan tarikhnya so aku cuba mendapatkan penginapan from MUDAH.COM je..Luckily, there's an apartment for rent near to top , GohTong Jaya.So ,I try call the owner, Very easy to nego with her because of her kindness.So she rent us her apartment which consist of 2 room (at first) with the very reasonable price.2 days,before the appoint date ,Mrs.Winny (house owner)call me and told that her apartment actually have been booked by others without her knowledge.With the guilty feeling ,she decided to rent me her second apartment which is bigger than the previous one(consist of 3 bedroom)with the same price.So,we are so lucky..not only that,her apartment is only 2 minute walk to the very nice strawberry farm and provide a warm pool facility. Apa lagi..seronok gle r..

Here I also like to thanks to my husband business and imaginary partner Mr.SISO family for joining us in this vacation.We all really having an enjoy weekend with apa lagi..layan pict k untuk kecor2...
With owner:Mrs.Winny
pn.hanim jgn mare ye...(sj buat onar...)
at strawberry farm

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