November 2, 2009

My New Princess..

I'm staring at you mama..even i can't see u yet,but I know u there looking at me..

I talk to you but u can't hear me..

But I'm still happy coming to the real world and meet my mama,papa,brother and sister...
Balqis and Danial..Here I come...The new fighter for gamers...

I don't like this treatment..the Photo light make me hot..

Where's my clothe..why i'm only wearing mitty..

Papa..u like every part of my body my foot print.

Mama , I need you..don't leave me alone..
"Not even second": mama said

I'm Happy cos I had sweet dream with you mama.....

And now I'm sleepy and need some rest in your arm mama...ZZzzzzzzz


-N e Y r A- said...

sangat comellll!

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