November 24, 2009

Cayyya lah....


Pada 22 Nov. yg lalu telah berlangsung Annual Concert & Graduation day for all smart Learn Center at New Era College , daughter,Balqis performed Bunyi Gitar dance..
Seronok lihat mcm2 gelagat kanak2 with very fancy costume.Ada yg over excited ketika dipentas dan ada juga yg menangis serta tdk bergerak langsung..namun apa yg penting, anak aku ni klu bab menari mmg hebat..I will try to upload her video if i hv time and no berukband probl later..We can see from that video,only her can twist nicely..hehe(bakat mama tu..hahah)
Whatever..good job to all Smart Learn Teachers and especially to their principle Mr.Chong which very passion try to stop parents from stay close to stage..mak bapak smua teruja sgt nak rakam n ambil gmbar anak2..begitula..parents are always proud of their me..

Balqis ketika perform Bunyi Gitar

Akish and her best friend..(mcm mama ngan papa je..1/0)

All posing is design by herself..


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